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Pacquiao VS Mosley

     The world is anticipating the title fight between one of the best boxers in the world. Manny Pacquiao is scheduled to face “Sugar” Shane Mosley. The Pacquiao vs Mosley fight will happen on May 7, 2011 on MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada at Manny Pacquiao’s welterweight title. Manny Pacquiao (52 wins, 3 losses, 38 KO), with his speed, his ability, and his power he will just overwhelm Mosley with his hand speed, foot speed and amazing stamina giving Mosley a hard time.

Shane Mosley (54 wins, 6 loss, 39 KO), is still dangerous foe he’s still has power and strength to knockout Pacquiao. Though we saw his lack of stamina and the amount of punches he throws, but still he can poses a upset for Pacquiao. Prior to this upcoming tight fight of these two great fighters in history, fans are getting excited to know on who will win the WBO Welterweight title. Will it be the man of history, Manny Pacquiao, who proved his strength not just once but many times? Or Shane Mosley has still enough will to stop Pacqiao and prove to the world that he is the best fighter during last decade and until now? The whole world is guessing while the pound for pound king is hoping for his success against Mosley. That is what we need to know this coming 7th of May 2011 as the much awaited Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley fight is set to happen. Are you ready to join with the screaming crowd?

If YES, then be there at a. Bichara Silverscreen Entertainment Center. See You!

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